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Full-Time Teaching Faculty

Kerry Joyce is a 38-year-old assistant teaching professor in the McMaster School of Nursing. Kerry relocated to Hamilton from Calgary with her young family of four when she accepted her teaching-track faculty appointment shortly after completing her doctoral studies about a year ago. Kerry’s husband Todd, who is a bank manager, was luckily able to transfer into a similar position at a Toronto branch. Kerry and Todd have two active young boys, aged eight and six, respectively. Over the past year, Kerry’s family has settled into their new home and city.

Q1. What is MacID?

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Q3. Where can I find the university policies and procedures such as student code of conduct?

The university secretariat has official policies, procedures and guidelines here. These include: student code of conduct, academic accommodations, research ethics, etc.

Q4. Does the university have an EOHSS (Environmental and Occupational Health Support Services) office?

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Q6. Are there childcare services and other benefits available to faculty members?

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Kerry is currently working on her career review documents prior to meeting with the vice dean of nursing. Over the past year, she has taught three problem-based learning courses (PBL), two clinical lab courses, and one research course in the undergraduate nursing program. She is also a level 2 BScN lead and a co-primary investigator on a quality improvement research project in the School of Nursing.

Q7. What are the objectives of meeting with your chairperson or their designate?

Here is a sample overview of reviewing objectives. Important to note that you will be required to complete several career review documents prior to meeting with chair:

Q8. What types of research outputs do I list on my MacFacts CV?

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  • Guidelines to create your Teaching Dossier and Clinical Activities Portfolio

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Given that her teaching effectiveness score (TES) average was 5.8/7, Kerry realizes that she needs to continue to develop her instructional skills, especially in PBL since this teaching approach is new to her. She admits that she was extremely stressed with the move and the initial demands of her first teaching position. Kerry also plans on pursuing educational research within the Faculty of Health Sciences and the McMaster Community, but she would like to first and foremost learn how to effectively balance her teaching, administration, and scholarly work.

Q11. What is the role of teaching evaluations?

Q13. If I plan to conduct educational research, what communities could I join to support my interests?